Project Selection Process

Robinland employs an industry state-of-the-art project selection process adapted from our team members' previous industry experience in the U.S. real estate industry.

We are a fixed-income fund that focuses on interest generating projects. On the project side, we will mainly select projects with the following features:

  • Prime locations, e.g., one of the most popular areas in New York, e.g. Long Island City

  • Interest generating projects with stable cash inflow

  • Developers with high creditworthiness and loan track records

  • No superimposed liens from financial institutions such as banks

  • No environmental indemnification issues

Key performance metrics we focus on while evaluating projects and their developers include:

1). Default rate

2). Quality of projects (location, size, types, scale, etc.)

3). AUM

4). Speed of onboard new projects

5). New customer growth rate

6). Customer satisfaction

7). Partner satisfaction

8). Rate of sale

9). Brand awareness

10). Market share

For each individual project, we rate each of its above dimensions with a score ranging 1 to 5, and aggregate them into an overall rating based on each of their weights, and only onboard projects with overall score above a certain threshold.

In addition to individual project selection, we also have a portfolio risk management procedure, taking into account the entire portfolio as a whole, and making sure that loss given default at any given point in time is well below the reserve fund we have in hand.

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