Robinland’s vision is to serve as ​​a bridge between excess liquidity in DeFi and financing in TradFi, specifically the commercial real estate debt market. We bring first tier real estate debt on chain in a legal fashion allowing retail investors to access high quality assets previously gated by institutions, and borrowers to access cheaper & faster financing deployed using smart contracts. At the same time, we allow DeFi institutional lenders to stabilize their collateral pool with real world assets (RWA) in a hassle-free manner and give DeFi native retail investors a spot to park stablecoins for sustainable & steady yield.

Why we are here

Robinland is here because there is major demand for DeFi liquidity to access sustainable and steady yield in private credit, as well as demand from real world asset borrowers to access cheap & fast financing:

  • Commercial real estate debt is among the best type of asset in terms of risk adjusted return. However, due to its large size, it's historically been gated by institutional investors. With the tool of tokenization, there is no reason why retail investors cannot access the fixed passive income that can well diversify their existing portfolio.

  • The traditional banking sector is extremely regulated and backward. There are plenty of high-quality assets that do not get financed because they do not fit into a "cookie cutter". In turn, borrowers' resort to private lenders, which forms the so-called $1 trillion private credit market. Private lenders often feature extremely high rates and distorted incentives (e.g. squeezing out the borrower to seize the underlying asset to maximize return). Thus, borrowers in private credit needs a better source of financing.

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has been one of the most successful use cases of the smart contract although it also struggles to find real use cases. Currently the entire DeFi ecosystem is ponzi in nature, with high APR supported by late-comer's money. Due to that, in today's bear market, returns/yields are down across the board because rates are determined by token prices - the so-called "Yield Crisis". DeFi investors need a place to park their stablecoins for sustainable & steady yield.

  • Institutions such as MakerDAO are minting stablecoins (i.e. DAI) backed by native assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, these tokens are volatile in nature, and their volatility is correlated. This means MakerDAO has to keep an extremely high collateralization rate just to ensure against tail risk of a market crash. This will make the expansion of DAI extremely slow and unscalable. As a result, MakerDAO is looking to bring RWA into their collateral pool to introduce uncorrelated volatility and stabilize their treasury. They need an intermediary between them and the ultimate borrower to handle all real world asset related logistics, this is Robinland can help.

What we do

Robinland has two distinct business lines. On the institution (B2B) side, we are a bridge, connecting liquidity from DeFi institutional lenders and financing needs in Trad-Fi such as commercial real estate borrowers. We access liquidity from DeFi lenders in the form of stablecoins and using smart contracts, offer low-cost capital to commercial real estate loan borrowers. On the Retail investor (B2C) side, we bring equality to real estate investment by fractionalizing high-quality commercial real estate debt and providing such investment opportunities to retail investors via security tokens.

We tokenize real estate assets via Security Token Issuance, the only legally compliant way to peg real world assets to on-chain tokens, these tokens are explicitly whitelisted by the SEC in the US. The resulting Real Estate Security Tokens become a bridge between liquidity in DeFi and returns on asset in Trad-Fi:

  • We pledge the real estate security tokens to DeFi lenders such as MakerDAO to access their liquidity, which is a cheaper & faster source of financing for real estate borrowers than their Trad-Fi sources.

  • We sell them to individual investors who want access to high-quality dividend-generating commercial real estate projects in a decentralized fashion.

Who we are

One of many reasons for our confidence in Robinland is the backgrounds of our founding team members in digital currency, real estate, and legal giving us the knowledge we need to succeed.

CEO - PhD in Economics from Stanford focused on real estate market, has connections w/ DeFi lenders such as MakerDAO, which is a key partner in helping us to solve the cold-start problem.

COO - 6 yrs experience in the real estate industry and has led Reg A & Reg D offering and fundraising, which is the process to legally raise money from retail investors in a Security Token Offering (STO). She is also well connected in the real estate PE/developer industry in NY, which is crucial for us to get off the ground.

CTO - 6 yrs of full stack software engineering (@Google) & solidity dev experience, founded a SocialFi project, consults for venture capitals on blockchain and web3, and is deeply integrated in the Silicon Valley blockchain community. He can (1) write smart contracts to issue tokens and create DeFi-native protocols (2) connect us with retail investors and technical resources from the blockchain world (3) be the architect for our tech products and platforms.

General Counsel - University of Arizona JD, 7+ yrs of experience in corporate & financial law, especially the Reg A & Reg D filing process, the key process behind a Security Token Offering, the only fully compliant process approved by the SEC to issue tokens pegged to real estate assets legally.

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