Our Token Issuance Process

Unlike ICOs and NFTs, Robinland legally pegs RWA (Real World Asset) to on-chain tokens as follows:


Robinland's real-estate-pegged tokens are issued strictly in the form of security tokens, which are subject to SEC regulations. STO is the only SEC-approved manner of issuing security tokens in the US, as well as in many other countries/regions (EU, Canada, Israel, Japan, Singapore, HK, Brazil, etc.), and is precisely the way Robinland adopts to issue on-chain tokens that represent underlying real estate assets.

Real estate token issuance

For each project, Robinland sets up an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) to file for STO (via either Reg D, Reg S, or Reg A) with the SEC. Upon approval, Robinland issues on-chain real estate pegged tokens via the SPV under the ERC-1400 standard, configured using the Polymath's infrastructure. One SPV can map to one or multiple real estate properties.

Polymath is one of the biggest and most renowned infrastructure providers in the security token offering space. Polymath has been extensively audited, and its track record of digital security issuance and its technical expertise add an extra layer of insurance for the legitimacy and compliance of our security tokens. A detailed overview of Polymath’s technology stack can be found here.

Security token exchange

The issued tokens can be traded on Robinland's own platform, and soon on the ST exchanges, based on public blockchains like Ethereum, via protocols like ERC-1400, etc. Over time, Robinland plans to build its own security token issuance and exchange platforms too.


Robinland issues 2 types of security tokens:

RBL tokens

These will represent fractions of a portfolio of diversified first lien commercial real estate loan projects, which are used to access institutional DeFi lenders' financing.

Real Estate Tokens (RE tokens)

These will represent fractions of specific real estate asset (which can be either debt or equity projects). These tokens are sold to retail investors to help them access large-scale RE projects they otherwise wouldn't be able to in an extremely liquid fashion.

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